Flight Information


Air Traffic Control

Dublin Weston Airport is in Class “C” airspace, known as the “Weston Area of Responsibility” or AOR. uring published opening hours, an Air Traffic Control Service is provided, (Freq 122.4), call sign “Weston Tower” .Instructions and clearances are issued in accordance with Rule 27 of S.I. No: 72/2004 (Rules of the Air). Pilots are reminded that on first contact, to listen first before transmitting, as the frequency can be busy especially at weekends during summer time.


Circuit Procedure

A left circuit off RWY 25, or a right circuit of RWY 07, result in a penetration of the EIR15 (encroaching on the ILS Approach to runway 11 at Baldonnel). As these are the preferred direction for circuits to both runways, an agreement exists between Weston ATS and Baldonnel ATS for same. Such circuits are based on the premise that Weston aircraft will remain North of the railway line at all times. At all other times at Weston, circuits off runway 25 shall be right-hand and circuits off runway 07 shall be left-hand. Due to the nature of Baldonnel operations, pilots engaged in circuits at Weston should be prepared for changes to the circuit direction at short notice from Weston ATS.


Runway 25 Left Circuit

After take-off and established in a positive climb begin a gentle RIGHT turn to over fly the reservoir climbing to 1000ft QNH
Avoid any helicopter activity in the Heli Training Area beside the VOR on your right.
On reaching 1000ft QNH turn left onto the crosswind leg, and continue the turn onto the downwind leg making sure you are north of the railway line at all times.
Turn left onto base when abeam the Spa Hotel remaining clear of Lucan village.
Establish finals no lower than 650ft QNH.


VFR Arrival Routes (Standard)

From the West: Call Weston ATS five miles or five minutes before the AOR boundary, then once cleared to do so, route North of Maynooth towards Leixlip at 1450ft QNH. When abeam the Intel industrial complex, make a right turn towards the airfield to arrive overhead at 1450ft QNH. Report overhead at 1450ft QNH and join the circuit pattern giving way to circuit traffic.
From the East: When handed over from Dublin ATS to Weston ATS, once cleared to do so, route along the N4 or River Liffey to arrive overhead the airfield at 1450ft. Report overhead at 1450ft QNH and join the circuit pattern giving way to circuit traffic. 


  1. Pilots must ensure that they do not penetrate the R15 and R16 without advance clearance from the Baldonnnel ATC, or the Dublin CTA / CTR without advance clearance from Dublin ATC.
  2. Pilots are requested to avoid over flying the Technology Campus and Industrial Complex located close to the field.
  3. Filing of Flight Plans is solely the responsibility of the aircraft operator.


EIWT – Dublin Weston Airport
ARP Coordinates 532108.76N 0062910.33W
Direction and Distance from City 8NM W of Dublin
Elevation / Reference Temp. 150ft / 17°C
Magnetic Variation / Annual Change 5° 42′ (2003) / 11′ decreasing
Traffic Permitted (IFR / VFR) IFR / VFR
Administration Address Weston Aviation Academy Ltd, Lucan Co.Dublin
EIWT – Dublin Weston Airport
Designation and Lateral Limits    Weston Area of Responsibility:

532403N 0063626W, 532324N 0062406W, arc 4.0NM radius centre532110N0062938W, 532006N 0062312W, 532034N 0063056W, 532127N 0063758W,

arc 5.0NM radius centre 532110N 0062938W.

Vertical Limits 2,000ft
Airspace Classification C
ATS unit Call Sign Weston Tower
ATS unit Language English
Transition Altitude 5000ft
Remarks Nil