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Dublin Weston Airport

Established by Darby Kennedy in 1931, Dublin Weston Airport has an illustrious history in the development of Irish Aviation. From flying clubs to air displays to flight training, Dublin Weston Airport has been an aviation pioneer for more than 90 years.

Over its history, Dublin Weston Airport has been home to many flying clubs and today that tradition continues with Trim Flying Club, Hotel Bravo Flying Club and Dublin Flyers all calling Dublin Weston Airport home.

Many past and current pilots, flying commercially, started their journey to become pilots at Dublin Weston Airport. The National Flight Centre pilot academy, one of Europe’s most respected and longest established flight training academies, has operated at Dublin Weston Airport since 1977. The flight centre has grown and developed at Weston and is now in the process of a full fleet renewal. Four new Technam training aircraft arrived at Weston in 2023.

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Over close to a century, Dublin Weston Airport has undergone many additions and enhancements, including a tarmac runway, new control tower, hangers, VOR and a terminal building.

In 2021, the airport was bought by a consortium of aviation enthusiasts and through their investment will take the airport into the 21st century and build on its illustrious history. Since then, the terminal has undergone extensive renovation with the addition of  private lounges for passengers and pilot planning pods.

A full modernisation of our airport security infrastructure has taken place with over €3m invested.  Extensive security fencing, advanced scanning equipment and a state of the art CCTV monitoring system are now in place within and around the airport.

Dublin Weston Airport can now take its place as one of the premier executive airports in Europe.