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In the 1950s Weston aerodrome in County Kildare was the centre of a revival in private flying in Ireland. Weston was established by Darby Kennedy in 1938 and had been the base for both charter activities and flight training in the years that followed. But it was the establishment of the Aero Club of Ireland there in 1953 that provided the additional impetus for spectacular progress over the next few years. As well as flight training the Club organised four very successful Air Displays between 1955 and 1958 and many of those who became pilots in the intervening years will tell you how important Weston was in inspiring them to follow a career in aviation.

The author’s father, David Montgomery, was one of the prime movers of the activities of the Aero Club of Ireland before his untimely death in a flying accident. His role and legacy in helping make the Irish public air-minded are detailed in this important publication.



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